About CableSafe

Cable Safe Limited has been working in height safety for almost 2 decades.  Over the years as new clients have presented us with new problems in need of solutions we have designed and developed our systems.

Our existing systems can be adapted easily to various situations for various industries and we are always open to developing new systems to help our clients.  Where possible our systems include inbuilt rescue, as arresting a fall is only the first part in ensuring an operatives safety.  Once a fall has been arrested our inbuilt rescue system allows a second operative to lower the fallen operative safely to the ground without putting themselves in danger.

We are based in Doncaster and have our systems all over the UK, we travel the length and breadth installing and inspecting them for our vast and varied client list.

We also offer various training courses as well as training for our systems.

We aim to make our systems as user friendly as possible as we believe if it’s difficult to use or complicated it’s unlikely to get used.

Reasons to use Cable Safe Limited

Our mission is to keep your company & employees safe at all times. Our state of the art equipment is built with safety features to ensure you can concentrate and focus on your work and not worrying about something going wrong!
In some situations, the risk of a fall cannot be eliminated entirely. In such cases, it is vital to minimise the danger and consequences of a fall to the individual working at height. Minimising the distance of a potential fall is one preventative measure which can be implemented, where possible we connect an operative to our systems above head height,  as when using the correct equipment this can vastly reduce the fall distance.  Another is to have a rescue plan in place to ensure a fallen operative isn’t left hanging after a fall.  Our inbuilt rescue systems are a straight forward and simple method for taking care of this.
With our systems we give you the option to have in-built rescue included.  Our in-built rescue systems allow a fallen operative to be lowered to safety without anyone else putting themselves at risk.  The mechanism to control the decent of the fallen operative is located at ground level to allow a rescue to be done quickly and easily.
All of our systems come complete with bespoke system training.  This training is designed to ensure the operatives using the systems are both competent and confident in the safe use of the systems, the pre-use inspections of the systems and any rescue procedures.

As trained trainers we also offer Harness training and Safe Working at Height training.

All our systems are adaptive to varied environments.

We work with our existing clients to ensure our systems work the best they can for the clients needs.

We are always looking at new systems to develop when needed for a different job that our current systems wont cover.  If you have a height safety issue you’d like to discuss or to arrange a site visit please call us direct on 01302 726264.